• 1Million Project 

    The 1Million Project aims to bridge the homework gap by providing FREE high-speed internet to high school students and LAUSD is excited to be participating in the program for the 2nd year in a row!

    The requirements to participate at are follows:

    • Student must be 9th – 12th grade
    • Student does not have (or has limited) internet access at home
    • Agree to use device for educational purpose
    • Completion of Parent/Guardian Consent Form

    We have issued over 10,000 hotspots to students at more than 143 schools and your school could be next!


    Enjoy these great videos from previous distributions and feel free to send an email to 1MillionProject@lausd.net with any questions you have.

  • I'm an eligible student, who can I contact?

    Please speak with your principal and/or your school's technology person.  You may also send an email to 1MillionProject@lausd.net, and we will connect you with the correct people at your school.

  • Our school is interested, how do we get started?

    We will need a roster of students that will participate so our team will know how many kits to set aside, but the completed acknowledgement forms may stay with the respective school.  Both items are available below.

    • Roster_Template: Spreadsheet that we need that will contain Student’s ID#, Grade, First Name, Last Name.  The Student PIN is optional.
    • ParentAcknowledgementForm: Document informing parent/guardian of the legal responsibility with regard to the LAUSD issued device(s)

    Note that we are encouraging schools to have a designated person(s) complete the Schoology Course (access code 3Q7HB-34D4C) to familiarize themselves with the Sprint hotspot activation process.  Once completed, our team will provide the designee(s) log in credentials to the Sprint Portal so they can activate/deactivate the hotspots as needed.

    Lastly, please know that legacy asset management systems, including Destiny Resource Manager, District Computer Inventory System (DCIS) and the online Inventory Control Form (ICF), will no longer be available after 11/01/18.  In order to check devices in/out to students in Remedy, your school will need to have an Instructional Device Manager (IDM).  You may have more than one person designated with the IDM roll but each person will need to follow the step-by-step guide found at https://www.lausd.org/cms/lib/CA01000043/Centricity/domain/290/itam_files/RequestingIDMapproval.pdf.  Once approved, the applicant will be automatically enrolled for the training and access to Remedy will be granted once the assessment is passed.


    Interested to know replacement costs?

    • The value of the Chromebook can range from $164 - $186
    • A power adapter for the HP Chromebook is $37.39 and may be ordered thru the SAP Shopping Cart
    • The estimated value of the hotspot is $100 and I have seen USB Micro AC Adapters for sale from anywhere between $7-$15
      • Refer to the 1MP Warranty and Student Purchase processes listed below if needed

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