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  • Local Indicators

    There are several Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) priorities that do not meet the criteria established for the state indicators reported on the California School Dashboard. These remaining priorities are considered local indicators and require local educational agencies (LEAs) to determine whether they have Met, Not Met, or Not Met for Two or More Years each applicable local indicator. The local indicators only apply at the LEA level and appear on the LEA page of the California School Dashboard. LEAs use the local indicators to evaluate and report their progress on LCFF priorities.

    The following table lists the LCFF priorities with local indicators that are reported on the California School Dashboard:

    Priority Area State Indicator Local Indicator

    Priority 1: Basic Services or Basic Condition at Schools


    Appropriately assigned teachers, access to curriculum-aligned instructional materials, and safe, clean and functional school facilities.

    Priority 2: Implementation of State Academic Standards

    N/A Progress in implementing state academic standards.
    Priority 3: Parent and Family Engagement N/A Progress in seeking input from parents in decision making and promoting parental participation in programs.
    Priority 6: School Climate Suspension Rate Administration of a local climate survey at least every other year.
    Priority 7: Access to a Broad Course of Study N/A Annually measures progress on the extent students have access to, and are enrolled in, a broad course of study.


    Local Indicators Results


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