Certification and Coaching Competencies

    EDSSL requires supervisors of school leaders to demonstrate knowledge and ability to capture high quality and objective evidence of practice. To prepare supervisors to observe, support, and evaluate school leader practice, Professional Learning and Leadership Development offers a 2.5-day EDSSL Observer Certification training. During the training, supervisors become familiar with the LAUSD School Leadership Framework (SLF) and Coaching Competencies Rubric, review the evaluation process, and complete a certification assessment.
    The Coaching Competencies Rubric and SLF provide the foundation for high quality coaching based on objective evidence of practice. Specifically, the Coaching Competencies Rubric provides coaches with information on four critical components for preparing and engaging in an effective coaching session:
    • Component A: Planning for the Coaching Conversation
    • Component B: The Coaching Conversation: Interaction
    • Component C: The Coaching Conversation: Follow Up Questions and Responses
    • Component D: The Coaching Conversation: Action and Closure
    To view the Coaching Competencies Rubric, visit the Resources tab in MyPGS. To learn more about the SLF, please visit the School Leadership Framework: A Closer Look section.
    For more information about the training and tools, please contact Heather Lower Lowe.