LAUSD is providing free in-home internet access to families in need

The Los Angeles Unified School District is proud to introduce All Families Connected, a program to help ensure every student has reliable access to high-speed internet at home as well as at school. Made possible in large part by federal funding, the program is helping provide students with the access they need at home to complete assignments, interact with peers, track their progress, and more.

Thousands of families are eligible for this service at no cost to them. There are no income requirements. All that is necessary is for a family to inform the district that there are unmet needs in the home and to request support.

Here’s how it works: Parents/guardians can log on to and answer a few questions about computing device and internet connectivity needs. For those whose needs aren’t being met, our teams check in with contracted service providers to determine services available. The provider then reaches out to eligible families to assist with establishing service, and LAUSD covers all costs.

Learn more about this program, get answers to your questions, or sign up for service at