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When will Title I funds be frozen and what does it mean to have funds frozen?

The District’s Title I policies require that schools submit compliance documents by the published deadlines.  If the documents are not received by Federal and State Education Programs and/or Parent Community Services Branch, the schools’ Title I budgets will be frozen (see Program and Budget Handbook).  If a school’s budget is frozen, it means that no budget adjustments, shopping cart requests, Imprest reconciliations, request for field trips, and P-Card reconciliations will be processed.  The compliance documents that are required and the deadline dates are:

  • School Site Council (SSC) Certification submitted to the Principals’ Portal on or before September 30
  • Online Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) approved - on or before October 31
  • SPSA Evaluation submitted – on or before October 31
  • Payback resolutions – various deadline dates – refer to the email or letter for the dates
  • Categorical Equipment Inventory – on or before August 21

For more information, please contact Federal and State Education Programs at 213-241-6990.