Online Learning Tools

  • ABC Mouse
    Ages 2-8 

    Free access to over 10,000 educational activities and over 850 lessons. Subjects covered on the site include: reading, math, science, social studies, and art. Accessible from mobile devices and computers. Use code: AOFLUNICEF

    Amazon Future Engineer
    Grades 6-12 

    In partnerships with Edhesive, Amazon is offering computer science courses. Students must complete an online application to gain free access.
    Ages 0-13 

    Audible is offering children’s stories for free streaming. They are available in 6 different languages.

    Character Playbook
    Grades 7-12 

    The NFL and United Way have partnered to help educate older students on cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships. This is a particular valuable resource in this difficult time of social distancing.

    Cooper Institute
    All Ages 

    Part of a healthy mind is maintaining a healthy body. The Cooper Institute has created a playlist to help keep kids active.

    Grades K-6 

    Free printable worksheets that are updated daily. Worksheets are categorized by grade and subject matter.

    Khan AcademyAges 4-18

    Khan Academy offers lessons and detailed explanations on concepts to help students better understand the material. In the time of COVID-19, Khan Academy has rapidly expanded their learning database. 3 

    Students can take virtual courses in math, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance, and test prep.

    Grades 7+ 

    Openstax offers 38 free digital textbooks in math, science, social studies, and other subjects. Best for older, self-motivated students.

    Ages 3-18 

    Outschool offers online classes that are delivered in small-group video chats that are designed and taught by vetted teachers. The classes are being offered to students for free thanks to donations. Requires students to sign up.

    ScholasticGrades Pre-K-9 

    Scholastic has launched a “Learn at Home” resource for students that offer lessons for English language arts, STEM, science, and social studies. The “Learn at Home” program provides roughly three hours of instruction a day using a variety of learning activities.

    Studies Weekly
    Grades K-6 

    Free instruction for social studies and science. Includes a variety of assessments.

    Grades K-12 

    Students can learn how to type with an account that grants them free access until the end of June.

    Grades K-5 

    A popular classroom mathematics program, Zearn has granted free access to over 400 hours of digital lessons.

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