The Self-Service Portal is here!

  • LAUSD is proud to announce the launch of a new global support tool for students, families, and employees to get any type of support they need.

    The Self-Service Portal is an all-in-one online tool that provides students, parents, and employees with all new ways to access support, including:

    • A searchable online knowledgebase of support articles on a variety of topics,
    • A virtual chat tool to help point users in the right direction.
    • The ability to submit and track support tickets anytime from anywhere.

    To access the LAUSD Self-Service Portal, please click on the button below:


    Please Note:


About the Self-Service Portal

  • What is the Self-Service Portal?

  • What kinds of support does the Self-Service Portal offer?

  • Do I need a special account to access the Self-Service Portal?

  • How do you access the Self-Service Portal?

  • How responsive is the Self-Service Portal?