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    The mission of the Mathematics Branch is to ensure that all learners will have equitable access to a balanced and culturally relevant instructional program that provides all students with the experiences, opportunities, and resources to develop and communicate deep conceptual understanding, to be procedurally proficient, and become adept problem solvers in math.



    All LAUSD students will identify as mathematicians, see the beauty and joy in mathematics, and use their math knowledge and skills as tools for empowerment and liberation, in service of becoming change agents within their local or global community. To build this identity, TK-12 Mathematics teachers and leaders in LAUSD will provide opportunities for all students to engage in mathematical discourse, sense-making and meaningful problem-solving to develop open, inquiring, and demanding minds with the confidence to approach novel situations with adaptability, insight, and creativity. Mathematics Theory of Action

    The goals of the Mathematics Program are twofold:

    1. Numeracy goal: Move students, on average, 40 points closer to proficiency on Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) math from 2019 to 2026 in Grades 3-8.
    2. Postsecondary goal: Increase to 70% the percentage of students in a graduating 9th-12th grade cohort demonstrating college and career readiness with a “C” or better on A-G approved course.       

    To access the resources on this website, click on the menu items on the left. The plus (+) in front of each of the following resource would expand the menu to other menu tabs:

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    High School:     +Curriculum Maps



News & Announcements

  • Secondary Math Intervention Workshop Series

    Workshop Series for Secondary Math Intervention Teachers to Learn Effective Intervention Strategies

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  • Illustrative Mathematics (IM) Toolkit contains pacing and planning resources to support IM implementation in grades K-12. Click here for the IM Tookit.

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  • Accelerating Learning in Math For English Learners (EL), Students with Disability (SWD), and African American Students Modules.

    Accelerating Growth in Math Modules 

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    Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is offering middle, span, and high schools the opportunity to implement the Illustrative Mathematics Certified™ (IM) Grades 6-12 curriculum in fall of 2023. Selected schools will use IM as their core math program until the next math adoption. The Division of Instruction is offering virtual information sessions for interested school leaders and teams to get more information about this opportunity. Please see the IM IOC and flyer for details.

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  • Supplemental Digital Learning Tools 2023-2024

    Central office re-purchased the following supplemental digital learning tools for use in 2023-2024. Click here.

    Vendors Technical Support and Help Desk 

    This document contains a list of most vendors' technical support and help desk information to streamline how to obtain access and other assistance. Click here.

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  • Remote Learning Resources and PD TK-8

    Free Online Learning Resources (hyperlinked pdf)

    Upcoming Professional Development:

    • Digital Tools - TK-8 ST Math Webinars
    • Zearn 6-8 Webinars
    • IXL K-12 Webinars
    • CGI PD provided by UCLA for CGI schools only. Check MyPLN for the addition of new PD topics.

    Go to MyPLN for descriptions of the PDs, times, and registration.

    ST Math TK-8 online program develops a conceptual understanding and visual representations of math at home through engaging learning. TK-8 teachers and students have free, no-cost access to use ST Math through Clever and/or Schoology.

    DreamBox Math K-8 online, a program that dynamically adapts to the learner to provide personalized instruction, has been made accessible to all LAUSD students and teachers through Clever through June 30th.


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  • Announcing NEW performance tasks, for multiple domains and math practices, available for classroom instruction and assessment, Grades 1-5/6.  These performance tasks aligned to SBA Claims and Targets were developed by teacher-leader teams in conjunction with LACOE and Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE). 

     Thru Google Drive, please use your LA Unified account to access the materials:

    Grade 1   Grade 2   Grade 3  Grade 4  Grade 5   Grade 6 in ES

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  • Geometry Intervention Program contains resources available through Schoology for providing targeted support that is linked to the students' instructional needs. Read more in the flyer. 

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  • New Integrated ELD-Math Problem-Solving Model Classroom Video!

    What does an Integrated ELD-Math problem-solving lesson look and sound like?  Check out the Grade 4 and Kindergarten videos at:  https://www.lausd.org/Page/11500#spn-content

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  •  Financial Algebra 

    A new opportunity to fulfill Algebra requirement for graduation. Click here to obtain more information. Cick here for 2021 summer Financial Algebra professsional development.

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  •  Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics (TCMS)

    This is to provide information regarding implementation of the TCMS for high school students. Read More. For summer 2021 professional development click here.

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  • Introduction to Data Science

     Click here for more information on the course offering. For 2021 summer professional development, click here.


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  • Algebra 1 Intervention Program contains resources available through Schoology. Read more in the flyer.

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  • LAUSD Performance Assessment Online Professional Development

    The LAUSD Division of Instruction has developed an online professional development on Performance Assessment. The online PD walks you through the Plan-Deliver-Reflect-Revise cycle and the use of Performance Tasks as Formative Assessment.

    Please click here to view

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