Office of Labor Relations

  • Mission Statement

    The Office of Labor Relations will collaborate with District stakeholders and our labor partners in the development and negotiation of collectively bargained agreements that seek to:
    (1) Transform teaching and learning so that we prepare all youth
         to graduate college and workforce ready;

    (2) Ensure there is an effective employee at every level of the
         organization focused on improving student outcomes;

    (3) Provide a portfolio of high quality schools for youth, families
         and communities;
    (4) Ensure a safe, caring, and nurturing environment for all
         youth; and

    (5) Operate an effective, efficient, and transparent organization
         in order to provide the highest levels of service and assure the public
    (6) Protect the financial health and longevity of the District.

Information Request

  • To fulfill representational duties submitted under the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA), please submit a copy of your
    information request to


  • P: (213) 241-8322
    F: (213) 241-8401