• As your School Board Member, I am working every day to make sure all our children get a great education. Below are some of the areas I’m focused on.

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Our schools are preparing students for high school graduation -- and beyond. College and career readiness means all our students are prepared for lifelong success. I’m working to ensure:

  • High academic rigor in our classrooms that starts in preschool and continues every year until graduation
  • Additional college/career readiness supports, such as dual enrollment, computer science classes, and additional counseling opportunities so our high school students know their options and have the preparation to achieve their goals
  • Measuring student success after graduation so we can align our instruction to meet the needs of our graduates
  • Focusing on the success of English Learners, who on average make up 25% of our students, to ensure they achieve the same success

It's more important than ever that every school has a safe and supportive climate for all kids and families. That’s why I’m working to:

  • Provide more support for students, including instructional aides, staff members that can speak their native language, and counselors to deal with trauma
  • Help all schools implement restorative justice and positive behavioral supports through by sharing what’s working across schools
  • Establish our schools as hubs for the entire community, welcoming families and neighbors for events and services.

Our teachers work tirelessly to educate our students, but we can do more to ensure that every child get high-quality instruction. We must:

  • Tailor our training to support each teacher’s individual growth
  • Empower teachers and create more opportunities for leadership, such as mentorship programs and hybrid positions for teachers
  • Revamp teacher recruitment to increase teacher diversity so that our classroom teachers reflect the communities they serve

Too often, our school leaders are overloaded and understaffed. As your Board Member, I’m identifying ways we can:

  • Increase autonomy over budget and instruction so school leaders have the power to make their schools the best they can be
  • Better prepare and develop our principals so they have the training they need to manage their schools well
  • Highlight leaders who have dramatically improved educational opportunities for students and share their ideas and practices to boost learning at all schools

Our schools belong to the community, and our school board needs to be more responsive to community needs.

  • Rotating Board meetings so that residents of the San Fernando Valley can engage in Board decisions
  • Allowing for more frequent feedback through the website and text messages
  • Creating structures to promote parent engagement at school sites

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