What is the procedure when Parent/Guardian/Adult Student makes a request for Pupil Records?
For general education students, the school must contact the parent/guardian/adult student within five business days of their request for records, and allow them to review the records within that time frame. The school must also inform the parent of where other records are kept, if not at the local school, so the parent/guardian/adult student can review them at the other locations within the five day time frame.

For special education students, the school must ensure the receipt of the copies of the records to the parent/guardian/adult student within five business days of their written request. This may be accomplished by giving the copies of the records directly to the parent, by messenger, or by fax. The person served must also contact all other departments who have parts of the records requested, and have those departments get copies of the records to the parent within the same five days.

Include a cover letter describing what documents are being provided along with the production. Keep a copy of the cover letter and proof of production (receipt).

What is "Directory Information," and who may request it?
Directory information is defined as student name, addresses, telephone, date of birth, dates of attendance, and previous school(s) attended. The only parties allowed access to LAUSD directory information without parent/guardian/adult student authorization are: PTA; Health Department; Elected Officials; and Military for 17 & 18 year olds, and these parties are only provided the student's name, address and phone only.
What does it mean to have "reasonble suspicision" of child abuse such that an employee must report?
Reasonable Suspicion means it is objectively reasonable for a person, based on facts that could cause a reasonable person, drawing on his/her training, education or experience, to suspect child abuse.
If an employee has reasonable suspicion, may the employee investigate and confirm the child abuse?
No, the employee should not attempt to verify that the abuse occurred.
If an employee lacks reasonable suspicion, can s/he question the child to make a determination?
Yes, asking a child "what's wrong?" or to explain actions is considered inquiry, not investigating, and is appropriate in order to determine whether or not abuse is reasonably suspected. (Note: investigating would involve interviewing suspects, witnesses, etc., and investigation is prohibited.)
May an employee wait until the end of the day or week to report?
No, the law requires that the phone call be made immediately or as soon as possible and the written report mailed within 36 hours, however, if the 36 hour time limit has lapsed, the employee must still report.
Does "joint legal" custody mean that both parents have to agree on all education matters?
Under California law, the general rule is that both natural parents have equal rights to make decisions affecting the education of their children. This is the case regardless of the mental status of the parents. The general rule can be modified by agreement or court order. If one parent is challenging the right of another to have access to a child, or a child's pupil records, the school should determine whether an agreement between the parties or a court order exists that sets forth the rights of the respective parents. If the parent or guardians presents an agreement, the administrator should contact the other parent to confirm the contents of agreement. If the other parent is not available or rejects the agreement, then the situation should be handled as if the agreement does not exist. If there is a court order, the school should review it to determine if the court order has been signed by a judge (either by hand or with a court stamp) and has not expired.
When two or more employees have reasonable suspicion of child abuse, can they make one report?
Yes, however, if the agreed upon employee fails to report, the other employee must report.
Am I subject to discipline if I fail to report child abuse?
Yes. The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for its students. It is the responsibility of all District employees to protect students from suspected abuse and neglect by becoming knowledgeable about abuse and neglect, cooperating with child protective services agencies responsible for protecting children from abuse and neglect, and filing mandatory reports as required by law and District policy. In addition to District discipline, an employee may be subject to criminal charges for failure to report child abuse. See Bulletin Bul-1347 under Publications for further information.