Who are the students that are enrolled in Disease Management Module (DMM)?
A student who requires to have a Treatment Plan, has a protocol or medication needs to be enrolled in DMM.
A student just submitted a new protocol order. How do I verify if the student is enrolled in Disease Management Module?
Under Records Navigator, click Program History. If the student has been enrolled in DMM, you will see that the "Disease Management Module" is already listed under "Program History" with active status and the name of the School Nurse who enrolled the student. If not, or if the student has been discharged from the module, you will see a list of programs that are available to the student including "Disease Management Module". Click the circle under Enroll to the left of Disease Management Module (verify the correct program name).
How do I find the Asthma Program home visit documentation details?
The Asthma Program home visit documentation can now be found within DMM. Click Program History>click Edit Disease Management Module>DMM tab>right side of the screen. The drop-down has a default Paperworks/Forms. Scroll down to Asthma Program. Click the black (NOT the green) plus to display what was documented by the Asthma Program School Nurses. Click Edit to the left of the date to check the document.
How can I verify if the PDF forms in DMM are working correctly?
The student's name should prefill the PDF form and you should be able to save information typed on the form. If the form does not seem to be working, download the latest version of Adobe Reader. Go to>Download>Adobe Reader>Remove check mark from the box under Optional Offer>Click "Install Now".

IHPs (Tx Plan)

How do I know which treatment plan to use on a specific protocol?
Each protocol must be entered in their specific treatment plan. However, there are protocols that may be entered in the same treatment plan. For example, protocols gastrostomy feeding and G-tube replacement may both be entered under Gastric Tube Treatment Plan.
The student has orders for Gastrostomy Feeding and Water Only. Which Tx Plan should I use for water only?
The HCP orders for Gastrostomy Feeding and Water must be entered in the same Tx Plan, Gastric Tube. Specify the time, formula and the amount of water in the Protocol Details section
Why is Insulin included in the protocol drop down?
This is for the purpose of consolidating the procedure and the medications which are written in healthcare provider's diabetic orders.
The student's order does not need all the information provided in the prefilled protocol details.
School Nurses may modify the prefilled protocol details to reflect the licensed healthcare provider's instructions by clicking inside the Protocol Details box. For example, the Children's Hospital LA - Insulin sliding coverage protocol details has three sections: Low, High, Other. All are going to prefill the protocol details for Children's Hospital LA-Insulin. The School Nurse MUST remove the sliding scale coverage not needed by the student according to the healthcare provider's instructions to avoid confusion.
What if there is a change in the order for any of the protocol entered in the same treatment plan before it expires?
For clinic-specific diabetic protocols, a new treatment plan containing the new orders needs to be set-up to reflect the healthcare provider's new order. If there are separate healthcare provider's written authorizations for multiple protocols entered in one treatment plan i.e. Gastric Tube Treatment plan with Gastrostomy feeding and Gastrostomy replacement. Discontinue the protocol by changing the expiration date and entering the discontinued date in the protocol details of the discontinued protocol. Use the available protocol slot in the Treatment Plan tab to enter the information of the new protocol. The Tx Plan is good for one year.
I am getting an alert to complete the Treatment Plan for the student with medication only. Do I need to complete a Treatment Plan for each medication?
Creating a Treatment Plan for a student with medication only is based on the severity of student's medical condition.


If the service is going to be provided by a Healthcare Assistant (HCA), do I change the primary provider in the Service Details page to the HCA's name?
NO. The School Nurse's name should be in the Primary Provider's box. The rationale is that the School Nurses must be monitoring the services provided to the student including timely and appropriate documentation.
The student with gastrostomy feeding twice a day has also an order for hydration (water only) twice a day. Do I select "Other Service" for the water?
Water flush before and after gastrostomy feeding and hydration (water only) should be scheduled within the Gastrostomy Feeding Service. Specify the time, formula and amount of water in the protocol details. DO NOT use "Other" Service.
I have a list of pending completions every time I come back to the school where I am assigned twice a week. What do I do?
Call your Educational Service Center Nursing Office to follow up. They do have a log of daily protocol coverage n schools which do not have an assigned School Nurse. NOTE: If the service is regularly provided by a HCA, please follow up with the HCA for appropriate documentation.
When documenting a DMM Service, I see the name of the School Nurse who set up the Service in the provider's box instead of my name who provided or supervised the Service. How do I change it?
The provider's name in the Service session notes updates after the Provider has completed the e-sign screen.
I see "Invalid Signature" message when I enter my password to enter my E-signature or the screen does not respond when I enter my password in E-Sign screen. I am able to use my LAUSD e-mail and Welligent. What do I do?
In order to insert an electronic signature into Welligent, users SSO password must meet the following requirements. 1. 8 - 10 characters in length 2. No spaces and/or symbols 3. Not start or end in a zero 4. No repeat characters 5. At least one letter and one numeric character 6. Only letters and numbers
How can I correct a mistake in my documentation if the Save button is not available?
Welligent allows the provider to delete his or her own E-signature (brings back the Save button) by clicking "Other" button (right hand side) next to "Print". Click the first option in the drop-down menu, Sign/View Signatures. You will then see the screen with the Signatures Collected. Click the trash can icon to the right of your name within "Signed By" column. NOTE: You can only delete your own E-signature. A record of signatures collected and deleted will be kept by Welligent.
Do I need to complete all the documentation prompts boxes in the "Enter Notes" section?
The documentation prompts boxes were provided to guide you in documenting the service provided to the student. Complete all the boxes that apply to the service provided.


I see additional medications on the student's DMM list of medications that I did not set up. Some of them are to be taken at home. What do I do?
The DMM medication list may contain medications that were prescribed by School Mental Health. School Nurses are not responsible for maintaining those medications and should not alter them in any way.
I am getting an alert to complete the Treatment Plan for the student with medication only. Do I need to complete a Treatment Plan for each medication?
Creating a Treatment Plan for a student with medication is based on the severity of the student's medical condition.
The medication will be administered by the Healthcare Assistant via Gastrostomy Tube. Do I change the provider's name to the Healthcare Assistant's name?
NO. The provider's name in Medication and Services should have the School Nurse's name in the Provider's box. It is the School Nurse's responsibility to monitor the care being provided to the student including proper and timely documentation.


I received a new healthcare provider's order for a protocol, how do I discontinue the current one and enter the new one?
A power point guide for renewing a protocol in DMM is available at the District Nursing Website.
Are there guides for the different applications that School Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Healthcare Assistants (HCA) use in Welligent?
The DMM manual, power point, and quick-reference guides are updated regularly and posted in the District Nursing Website. They are sent to the School Nurses by the Director of Nursing Services along with significant updates.
What if a Healthcare Assistant at my assigned location needs assistance in Welligent documentation?
It is School Nurse's responsibility to provide assistance to the Healthcare Assistant (HCA) in Welligent documentation. If there is no School Nurse assigned at the time, the HCA should call the ESC Nursing office and if the issue is still not resolved, the HCA may call Central Nursing office at (213) 202-7535.