After a claim is filed, what happens next?
If the claim is received in a timely manner, and is well supported with sufficient information and documentation, it is reviewed and investigated so an informed decision can be made. The District endeavors to evaluate each claim fairly.
Do I need an attorney in order to file a claim?
No, that is your decision. An attorney must complete and file the same claim form that you would be required to complete and file.
How do LAUSD employees request reimbursement for damaged/vandalized personal property?
LAUSD Employee Reimbursement Program(ERP) requests are processed by the ERP section. For more information, refer to the Employee Reimbursement Program(ERP) FAQ.
Is the District responsible for accidents involving buses contracted by the District?
Generally no. Those companies are responsible for buses owned and operated by their own employees and they carry their own insurance. Our office can assist you by providing contact information pertaining to the contract bus company.
Is there a time period involved for filing a claim?
Yes, by statute all liability claims filed against public entities (LAUSD is a public entity), and public entity employees, generally must be filed with the public entity within six (6) months of the accrual of the cause of action (date of loss, etc), but in all cases within one (1) year of the accrual date. The statutes do allow for certain exceptions.
Is there an appeal process/recourse available if a claim is rejected?
Yes. When a claim is rejected, by statute it is done in writing and information is then provided regarding further recourse.
Who investigates the claim?
The District may use any combination of in-house investigators, retained investigators, a Los Angeles School Police Detectives to develop the facts necessary so an informed decision can be made on the claim.
Who is the District's liability insurance carrier?
The District is "self-insured" for this exposure and does not have an insurance carrier.