How do you make a request for reimbursement?
Employee must contact (213) 241-3130 to request an Employee Reimbursement Request form. Request for reimbursements must be received by the ERP Section within 60 calendar days of the date of incident or it will not be considered for payment.
What types of Automotive Vandalism is considered reimbursable?
The Employee Reimbursement Program may reimburse the cost to repair damage to an automobile owned by an employee if it is vandalized while parked on or immediately adjacent to school grounds or other District premises and reasonable precautions were taken. If such a loss is otherwise covered by the employee's automobile insurance, reimbursement is limited to the insurance deductible. Collision is not covered.
What types of “Personal Property” are considered reimbursable through the ERP?
Registered property and items such as a briefcase, handbag, prescription glasses, or a watch, which must be necessarily worn or carried at work, may be reimbursed only if reasonable precautions had been taken to secure the item and if the loss or damage is through no fault of the employee.
What is Registered Property?
Any equipment brought by an employee to the work site (such as a computer, radio, set of books, tools, etc.) for use in the course of his/her duties and serves some educational purpose, must be registered with the site administrator by completing a Property registration form before the property is put into use. To obtain a Property Registration form click on this link ERP.Original signed form must be submitted at the time request form is submitted.
What documents will be required?
In order for the ERP Section to consider a request for reimbursement documents will be required; depending on the loss. For example: Vehicle damage –Photos of the damage, two estimates for repair, receipts, DMV registration, Insurance information, and police report/number, etc. For tire damage we will also need mileage on damaged tire. For Glass damage one of the two estimates must be from an independent auto glass shop. Personal Property/Registered –Proof of original purchase (receipt, cancelled check, charge slip, sales slip), estimate for repair, police report/iStar report, District approved Property Registration Form signed prior to incident, etc.
What additional information should I know in regards to the ERP?
Do not repair the damage until the ERP Section determines if the loss is eligible under the program; if damage is a safety issue (such as a broken window, tire damage), damage may be repaired. Photos of the damage will still be requested. Vehicle inspection may be requested. To make a theft/vandalism report to School Police contact: (213) 625-6631. It is the responsibility of the Employee, not School Police officers, to contact the Employee Reimbursement Section. Request forms must be signed by a Principal, Assistant Principal, Local District Administrator, or Central Office Administrator.
What are the Maximum and Minimum Payable amounts available through the ERP?
The maximum payable amount for reimbursement shall be $500.00, unless the employee is covered by a collective bargaining agreement which specifies other limits. No payment can be made for any loss with a value of less than $10.00.