L.A. Unified School Performance Framework

We’re creating a new tool for educators and families to understand how our schools are performing.

Join a variety of Los Angeles parents, principals, and community stakeholders to help L.A. Unified ensure that the tool meets the needs of our communities.

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About the Tool

This Fall, L.A. Unified will release a new tool to explore school performance data. The tool will be built on an innovative framework, measuring school quality with a common language to focus attention where it’s needed most.

goals for the tool

Provide comprehensive data including student growth

Apply transparent ratings that allow comparisons across schools beyond the state dashboard

Align with our district values of equity and inclusion

school performance framework

Thank you for your commitment to supporting the continuous improvement of our schools!

The information gathered from our survey, as well as other types of user research, will be used to create a meaningful experience for educators and families.

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