• Choosing a Domain for your LAUSD Chromebooks 
    When purchasing Chromebooks, schools have two options on how they would like their machines configured.  Schools have the option of creating their own domain for granular control of their computers, or connect them to the LAUSD.net domain for ease of use.  Chromebooks are inherently different from a typical laptop -they must be connected to a Domain (a “home” location on the internet).
    Both approaches have benefits and drawbacks, as shown below. As you can see, the one beneficial part of choosing your school's domain (Downloading Apps), is highly outweighed by the benefits of choosing LAUSD's domain. The benefits of having lower cost, easier use, easier account creation, and more, show that the LAUSD.net domain is the way to go. 

    LAUSD.net Domain

    Your School’s Domain

    Best Choice




    Free Domain

    Anti-Theft - $2.81/per device/per year  


    $8 Initial Domain Cost

    Anti-Theft - $2.81/per device/per year 



    Ease of Use



    “Turn Key” Solution

    No Technical Expertise Required

    Technical Expertise is a Must

    Onsite MCSA -Highly Recommended to Administer/Maintain System


    Account Creation

    Accounts (students, teachers, staff) Already Created

    Same as SSO

    Must Create/Maintain Individually



    Managed by SSO For All Users

    Nothing Needs To Be Configured

    Must Be Created/Reset Manually By School Administrator


    Downloading Apps

    Unable to push Apps to Chromebooks, however

    ITD can whitelist Apps and students can download in Chrome Web Store. (24 hours)


    Administrative user can push down apps to devices.

    Your School’s Domain


    No Action Needed



    Students and teachers will have GMAIL account from domain.  Teachers manage 2 email accounts (Outlook and GMAIL)


    Student/Teacher Transfer or Matriculation


    Students will always have access to their files regardless of school enrollment.

    Before leaving school, students will have to download their documents on a portable storage device.


    GAFE (Google Apps For Education)

    Apps are pre-configured and ready to go for student, teacher, and staff member collaboration.

    Apps must be configured manually.