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        Restitution (District Property Only)  

    The Restitution Unit of the School District was established to obtain restitution from parties responsible for fraud, embezzlement, damage to District property from vandalism, burglary, theft, arson, and vehicles

    When an incident occurs at your school/Division, please complete a “Notification of Loss” form which provides information that would assist us in pursuing the party responsible for the loss. 


    A School Police report should be made on all occurrences to document the incident.

    The Notification of Loss form can be obtained by (213) 241-3127, or by clicking on the links on this page.

    For any vehicle accident involving District Vehicles, the District Vehicle Accident Report form (VAR) should be completed in its entirety and submitted to either Trucking or Safety Section. The accident will be reviewed and then submitted to the Restitution Unit for further action. The Vehicle Accident Report form (VAR) can be obtained by calling the Transportation Branch at (213) 580-2900 or by clicking on the links on this page.



    Any questions concerning the restitution procedures for any occurrence at our school sites/Division or for vehicle accidents should be directed to (213) 241-3120.