D - Laboratory Science

    Course Title District Number Abbreviation UC Honors CTE
    Advanced Biology AB 360705/06 ADV BIO AB    
    H Advanced Biology AB 360705/06H H ADV BIO AB    
    AP Biology AB 360707/08 AP BIO AB AP  
    AP Chemistry AB 361403/04 AP CHEMISTRY AB AP  
    AP Environmental Science AB 360507/08 AP ENV SCI AB AP  
    AP Physics 1 AB 361519/20 AP PHYSICS 1 AB  AP  
    AP Physics 2 AB 361521/22 AP PHYSICS 2 AB  AP  
    AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism AB 361527/28 AP PHY: C E&M AB AP  
    AP Physics C: Mechanics AB 361525/26 AP PHY: C MEC AB AP  
    AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism▲ 361523 AP PHY: C E&M AP  
    AP Physics C: Mechanics▲ 361524 AP PHY: C MEC AP  
    Biology of the Living Earth AB 360737/38 Biology: Living Earth A/B    
    Biology of the Living Earth Honors AB 360737H/38H H Biology: Living Earth A/B  Honors  
    Biology IB SL 361813/14 IB BIO SL AB    
    Biomedical Science: App Human Anatomy & Phys (CPA)* 361137/38 BIOMED: HAP AB    X
    Biotechnology 1,2 (CPA) 361203/04 BIOTECH AB    X
    Chemistry of the Earth Systems A/B 361413/14 CHEMISTRY:Earth Sys A/B    
    H Chemistry of the Earth Systems A/B 361413H/14H H CHEMISTRY:Earth Sys  A/B Honors  
    Chemistry IB SL 361811/12 IB CHEM SL AB    
    Forensic Science Investigation 360139/40 FORENSIC SCI AB   X
    H Forensic Science Investigation 360139/40H H FORENSIC SCI AB Honors X
    Fundamentals of Animal Studies 360805 FUND ANIMAL ST    
    Genetics 360709 GENETICS    
    Human Body Systems (PLTW)* 361133/34 HUM BODY SYS AB    
    Integrated/Coordinated Science 2AB 360123/24 INTCOOR SCI 2AB    
    H Integrated/Coordinated Science 2AB 360123/24H H INTCOOR SCI 2A    
    Integrated/Coordinated Science 3AB 360131/32 INTCOOR SCI 3AB    
    H Integrated/Coordinated Science 3AB 360131/32H H INTCOOR SCI 3AB Honors  
    Intro to Biotechnology AB 360731/32 INTR BIOTECH AB    
    Kinesiology: Applied Anatomy & Physiology (CPA) 361021/22 KINESIOLOGY AB    X
    Marine Biology AB 360603/04 MARINE BIO AB    
    H Marine Biology AB 360603/04H H MARINE BIO AB Honors  
    Medical Interventions (PLTW)* 361123/24 MED INTERVEN AB    
    Molecular Biology AB 360721/22 MOLECULR BIO AB    
    Physical Anthropology 361201 PHYS ANTHRO    
    Physics of the Universe A/B 361531/32 PHYSICS:THE UNIVERSE A/B    
    H Physics of the Universe A/B 361531H/32H H PHYSICS:THE UNIVERSE A/B Honors  
    Physics IB SL 361815/16 IB PHYSICS SL AB    
    Physiology AB 361001/02 PHYSIOLOGY AB    
    H Physiology AB 361001/02H H PHYSIOLOGY AB Honors  
    Plant and Soil Science AB 240105/06 PL SOIL SC AB    
    Principles of the Biomedical Sciences (PLTW)* 361131/32 BIOMED SCI AB  
    Vertebrate Physiology 361003 VERT PHYSIO    
    Zoology 360801 ZOOLOGY    
    UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Courses        
    Course Title District Number Abbreviation  UC Honors  CTE
    Biological Links to Energy and Environment (UCCI) 360509/10 BIO CN EN&EV AB    X
    Green Up and Go! Clean Energy-neering (UCCI) 361511/12 PHYS EN GRN AB    X
    ▲Semester long courses.
    *Courses offered by Project Lead the Way (PLTW) or California Partnership Academies (CPA).
    UC-designated honors courses are listed as AP, IB or Honors under the "UC Honors" column. Only courses approved as honors-level by the University of California will be given extra weight in a student's CSU/UC GPA.