A - History/Social Science

  • Course Title District Number Abbreviation UC Honors CTE
    Ancient Civilization 370303 ANCT CIVL    
    AP European History AB 370301/02 AP EUR HIS AB AP  
    AP Government and Politics Comparative 371003 AP COMP GOVT AP  
    AP Government and Politics United States 370605 AP GOVT & POL AP  
    AP Human Geography AB 370205/06 AP HUMAN GEO AB AP  
    AP United States History AB 370111/12 AP US HIST AB AP  
    AP World History AB 370133/34 AP WLD HIST AB AP  
    Asian Studies  370707 ASIAN STU    
    Geography AB
    370201/02 GEOG AB    
    H Geography AB
    370201/02H H GEOG AB
    History IB HL1
    History of the Americas IB HL2
    History of the Middle East 370711 HIS MID EAST    
    Latin American Studies 370713 LAT AM STU    
    Mexican American Studies  370715 MEX AM STU    
    Modern Europe 370307 MOD EUR    
    Principles of American Democracy 370603 PRIN AM DEMOCR    
    H Principles of American Democracy 370603H H PRIN AM DEMOCR Honors  
    US History 20th Century AB 370129/30 US HIST 20TH AB    
    H US History 20th Century AB 370129/30H H US HIST 20TH AB Honors  
    World History, Culture, & Geography: Modern World AB 370127/28 WHG: MOD WLD AB    
    H World History, Culture & Geography: Modern World AB  370127/28H H WHG: MOD WLD AB    

    UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Courses    
    Course Title
    District Number
    AbbreviationUC Honors
    Journey for Justice in America (UCCI) AB
    370825/26JOUR FOR JUS AB
    US History and Public Health (UCCI) AB370137/38US HIS PUB HE AB  X
    World History by Design (UCCI) AB370135/36W/H BY DSN AB  X

    UC-designated honors courses are listed as AP, IB or Honors under the "UC Honors" column. Only courses approved as honors-level by the University of California will be given extra weight in a student's CSU/UC GPA.