How to Start Using Office 365

  • Has your mailbox been moved to Microsoft 365? Here is what you need to know to get started:

    When accessing your email on a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox), you now go to instead of Log in with your full email address including "" (e.g.,

    When using Microsoft Outlook on your computer, the program will flag you to warn that it has been directed to go to a different server. Tell it this is okay, and it will take care of the rest.

    If you access LAUSD email on your phone or other mobile device, all you have to do is re-add your account using your device's settings (learn more about how to do this).

    That's it! Three steps. Still having trouble? Be sure to review our troubleshooting guide, online tutorials and support documents. When all else fails, you can always contact the IT HelpDesk.

Making Sure Your System is Ready

  • Make sure the computers, devices, and software you use are aligned with the minimum system requirements so you can be sure to get the maximum quality experience using Office 365. The sections below provide information about web browsers and operating systems.

    Learn about the Minimum System Requirements


    Web Browsers

    Updating to the latest version of the most popular web browsers is usually free and easy. If you are not sure how to update your favorite browser, we recommend, which provides basic guidance on the most popular browsers, what the latest versions are, and where to go for more information.

    Operating Systems

    Whether you use a PC or a Mac, updating your operating system may just be a matter of downloading the latest security patch, or you may need to purchase a new version of your operating system. Not to worry! The District is pleased to offer low-cost upgrades for purchase through our enterprise license agreements with Microsoft and Apple:
    Browse our support library for additional guidance on checking system requirements and upgrading to new versions of browsers and operating systems.