Volume Purchase Program

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VPP Account Business Process

  • Yes: Skip to step 2 to request VPP credit or step 3 to obtain app licenses
    No: Open a service ticket and select: Technology > "Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)" from the list of options.
    2.  Follow these steps to request VPP credit from Apple and add funds to your account.
    a. Setup your budget and contact Apple to request a quote for the desired dollar amount - Your VPP account information is required.
    Contact LAUSD Apple Team and lausd@group.apple.com 
    b. Issue a purchase order following your standard procurement process. 
     Apple will notify you via email once the PO has cleared.
    c. Download your VPP Credit Code, next redeem your VPP credit
             Steps to redeem VPP credit 
    Note: It takes a few business days for the VPP credit to appear after PO has been processed by Apple.  Instructions
    3.  Login to Apple School Manager to obtain free app licenses and to purchase paid apps.


    Note: You must use the Volume Purchase Program Apple ID account provided by LAUSD ITD to login to any of the websites listed above. 
    If your iPads are managed by AirWatch, please Open a service ticket with the subject: Request to link Apple VPP account to AirWatch MDM organizational group.


    What happens after I purchase apps or books?

    If your iOS devices are managed by MDM, you can manage and distribute apps directly from the AirWatch console to end-user devices using managed distribution.  For school purchased devices not part of AirWatch MDM, you can log in to the Volume Purchase Program Education Store and download a spreadsheet containing app- and book-specific codes — one code per app or book purchased.

    Get Support

    For VPP account password related issues, please Open a service ticket