Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll a student in a Community Day School?

    If you are a parent, please contact your child’s current school for information. If you are a District Employee, see BUL-2430.0 Enrollment in Continuation High Schools

    How do I enroll a student in a Continuation school?

    Contact the principal at the individual Continuation School for enrollment package.

    Can I receive a diploma from an Options School?

    Yes, all Options schools are diploma track schools and have the same graduation requirements as traditional schools.

    Do Options schools serve students with special needs?

    Most Options Schools are able to provide services to students with IEP’s and 504 plans.

    Does LAUSD offer Home study?

    LAUSD does not offer or supervise Home Study education. However, City of Angels School does offer instruction on an independent study basis. Contact City of Angels School at 323 415-8350 for further information.

    At what time during the school year can a student enroll in an Options School?

    Most Options Schools have open enrollment in which students can enroll at any time during the school year.

    Can a student be currently enrolled in an Options School and another LAUSD school?

    Students may be concurrently enrolled in an Options school and Adult school, ROP, Skills Centers, or Community College. Students cannot be currently enrolled in an Options School and a traditional high school.However, an Options student can take classes at a traditional school
    with prior approval of the Options and traditional school principals.

    What is the difference between an Options School and a Continuation School?

    Options is the umbrella term to describe the various alternative education schools of LAUSD. Continuation High Schools are specific types of schools. See descriptions in "Schools" tab.