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Chemical Safety Coordinators (CSCs) Meeting

    Chemical Safety Coordinators (CSCs) are required to attend two meetings each fiscal year and complete all required duties outlined in REF-1563.5 
    For the 2021-22 school year, appointed CSCs will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory CSC training meetings through MyPLN

    If you are required to appoint a CSC and you have not done so, please complete the Chemical Safety Coordinator Appointment Form and send it via email as soon as possible to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) at csc@lausd-oehs.org.

    Please contact OEHS at (213) 241-3199 or by email csc@lausd-oehs.org for more information.


    CSC Mandatory Training for Spring 2023 Semester: 

    All appointed CSCs will be automatically enrolled in the CSC Spring 2023 Training through MyPLN. Appointed CSCs will receive a confirmation email upon enrollment.

    If you are an appointed CSC for your school and you do not see the CSC Spring 2023 Training in your MyPLN transcript, please contact OEHS at (213) 241-3199 or by email at csc@lausd.net.

    Once you complete the CSC Spring 2023 Training, submit your certificate to csc@lausd.net by Friday, April 30th, 2023.



    Questions Forum After the CSC Spring 2023 Training:

    We will be hosting a live, one-hour meeting on Zoom to answer any questions related to the CSC program. This meeting is optional and will be held on April 12th, 2023 at 3:30 PM. Appointed CSCs will be sent an invite to attend this optional meeting.