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    Risk Management and Insurance Services works closely with Principals, Regional Offices, the Division of Instruction and the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS) to ensure field trips by LAUSD students are not only academically stimulating, but occur in a safe environment.


    Things to Remember:

    • Overnight trips, out of state trips, and sites not on the pre-approved list require the prior approval of the Regional District and Risk Management.
    • All overnight field trips to pre-approved sites require approval of Regional District and Risk Management.
    • Please provide 45 days for evaluation of all non-routine, overnight or out-of-state trips.

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    Nonpublic Agency Behavior Intervention Implementation (NPA BII) Approved List:


    To facilitate Nonpublic Agency Behavior Intervention Implementation (NPA BII) field trip approval, we are pleased to provide you with access to the approved nonpublic agency list.  Agencies included on the list are current with their insurance requirement and may accompany assigned students on field trips and ride provided bus transportation.  No additional authorization by Risk Management is necessary; however, the agency staff member should be logged on the bus log prior to initiation of any transport.  If a nonpublic agency is not on the list, please call (213)241-0329 for further information and instruction.


    Please contact the Nonpublic Services Support Branch at (213)241-6282 should you require guidance regarding District policies surrounding funding of NPA BII provider support during extended or overnight field trips or camp activities.


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    NPA BII Process



          Contact us at (213)241-0329