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    Civic Center Permits 


    The Civic Center program allows for the use of school facilities in conformance with the California Education Code that allows for the use of public school facilities to be made available for use of the community and non-profit organizations.

    Risk Management's duty is to review the risk and insurance requirements for compliance.  Our goal is to ensure the safety and protection of the District Students, Personnel, Property, and Licensees.


    Insurance Guidelines:

    • Proof of Insurance is required of All Non-LAUSD entities and other third-party persons or organization prior to using any LAUSD facility under a Civic Center permit.
    • Coverage required may include Commercial General Liability, Commercial Automobile, Worker's Comp, Sexual Abuse & Molestation.
    • Please note that depending on the type of activity the standard insurance may change.  Athletics have a different requirement.  See Civic Center Insurance Requirements: Non-Athletic or Athletic.
    • The risk and insurance review depend on the completeness of the application and certificate(s) of insurance.
    • Applicants without Commercial Automobile may request and sign a waiver.
    • Applicants exempt from Worker's Compensation may request and sign a waiver for compliance.


    The District must be added as additional insured and all Certificates of Insurance endorsements must read:

    Los Angeles Unified School District & The Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles 

    333 S. Beaudry Ave., 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017