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Advancement Via
Individual Determination

  • AVID Schools






STEAM Virtual Academy**

Academic Leadership Community @ Contreras

Bell High School

Castro Middle School*

Clinton Middle School*

Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School

Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. (7-12)***

El Sereno Middle School

ELA Renaissance Academy

Gage Middle School

Garfield Senior High School

Gratts Elementary **

Hilda Solis Learning Center***

Huntington Park High School

International Studies Learning Complex***

Jefferson High School

John Lietchy Middle School*

Marquez HS Social Justice

Maywood Academy High School

Maywood Center for Enrichment Studies (MaCES)***

Nimitz Middle School

Orchard GST Academy 2C

Santee Education Complex

South Gate Middle School

South Gate Senior High

STEAM Legacy High School

Torres HS Engineering & Tech

Walnut Park Middle School SJ/SL*

Byrd Middle School

Canoga Park High School

Carlos Santana Arts Academy **

Lawrence Middle School*

Louis Armstrong Middle School

Monroe High School

Mt. Gleason Middle School

Pacoima Middle School

Panorama High School

Plummer Elementary**

Sepulveda Middle School

Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies** (4-12)/***

Sun Valley Magnet School* (6-12)

Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (VOCES) (6-12)***

Van Nuys Middle School*

Vinedale College Preparatory Academy**/*** (Span) (K-8)

32nd St USC Performing Arts Magnet**/***

61st Streel Elementary **

Augustus Hawkins High School

Banning High School

Carnegie Middle School

Dana Middle School

Edison Middle School

Fleming Middle School

Foshay Learning Complex*/***

Glenn Hammond Curtiss MS

Harbor Teacher Prep High School

Mervyn M Dymally Academy HS

Narbonne High School

Peary Middle School

Rivera LC Public Service

Washington Preparatory High School

White Middle School

Wilmington Middle School

Berendo Middle School

Cochran Middle School

Fairfax High School

Los Angeles High School

Marina Del Rey Middle School

University High School

Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets (WESM)

AVID Demonstration Schools are exemplary models of the AVID College Readiness System demonstrating the very best AVID strategies and methodologies in both the AVID Elective and schoolwide college readiness practices. Schools and districts interested in implementing AVID or improving their own AVID College Readiness System can arrange to visit these sites and experience a highly successful schoolwide AVID.


At an AVID Demonstration school, visitors can observe:

  • Dedicated and successful implementation of Instruction, Systems, Leadership and Culture
  • Strong and committed leadership
  • Evidence of outstanding student achievement
  • Models of excellent inquiry-based AVID tutorials
  • AVID as a schoolwide approach to school improvement
  • A schoolwide college-going culture with college readiness as a basic expectation
  • A center of learning for AVID best practices
  • A showplace for the synergy and excitement a strong AVID college readiness system creates


To arrange a visit to a Demonstration School, please contact Lynn Nelson or (858) 380-4737.


LAUSD National Demonstration Site:

  1. GRATTS ES (E)
  2. 32nd Street USC Performing Arts Magnet (C) 
  3. 61st Street Elementary School (S)
  4. Plummer ES (NE)
  5. Santana Arts Academy (N)
  6. Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (SOCES) (N)**
  7. STEAM Virtual Academy (XS)
  8. Vinedale College Preparatory Academy (N)


** Span School

  1. Berendo MS (E)
  2. Byrd MS (N)
  3. Carnegie MS (S)
  4. Castro MS (E)
  5. Clinton MS (E)
  6. Cochran MS (W)
  7. Curtiss MS (S)
  8. Dana MS (S)
  9. Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School (E)** 
  10. Edison MS (S)
  11. El Sereno MS (E)
  12. Ellen Ochoa LC (E)  
  13. Fleming MS (S)
  14. Foshay LC (S) 
  15. Gage MS (S)
  16. John Liechty MS (E)
  17. International Studies Learning Center (E) **
  18. Lawrence MS (N)
  19. Louis Armstrong Middle School (N)
  20. MaCES (E) **
  21. Marina del Rey MS (W)
  22. Mt. Gleason MS (N)
  23. Nimitz MS (E)
  24. Orchard Academy 2C - (E)
  25. Pacoima MS (N)
  26. Peary MS (S)
  27. Sepulveda MS (N)
  28. Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (SOCES) (N)**
  29. South Gate MS (E)
  30. Sun Valley Magnet School (N)**
  31. Van Nuys MS (N)
  32. Walnut Park MS (E)
  33. White MS (S)
  34. Wilmington MS (S).                               


** SPAN School

  1. Academic Leadership Community @ Contreras LC (E)
  2. Banning HS
  3. Bell HS (E)
  4. Canoga Park HS (N)
  5. Dymally HS (S)
  6. Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High School (E)***
  7. Esteban Torres HS- East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (E)
  8. Esteban Torres HS- Engineering & Technology Academy (E)
  9. Fairfax HS (W)
  10. Garfield HS (E)
  11. Harbor Teacher Prep HS (S)
  12. Hawkins HS (W)
  13. Hilda Solis Learning Academy (E)
  14. Huntington Park HS (E)
  15. Jefferson HS (E)
  16. International Studies Learning Center (E)***
  17. Legacy S.T.E.A.M. (E)
  18. Los Angeles HS (W)
  19. Marquez- Social Justice (E)
  20. Maya Angelou Community HS (E)
  21. Maywood Academy HS (E)
  22. MaCES (E) 
  23. Monroe HS (N)
  24. Narbonne HS (S)
  25. Panorama HS (N)
  26. Public Service Community School HS @ Rivera LC  (S)
  27. Roosevelt- MSTMA (E)
  28. Santee Ed Complex (E)
  29. Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (SOCES) (N)***
  30. South Gate HS (E) 
  31. Sun Valley Magnet School (N)***
  32. University HS (W)
  33. Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (VOCES) (N)***
  34. Washington Prep HS (W)
  35. Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets (W)
  36. Wilson HS (E)* 

*National Demonstration Site
***Span School