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    Welcome to "Urban Ed-Voyage," the educational podcast that invites you to embark on a transformative journey into innovative education within urban schools.

    Whether you're passionate about education, an advocate for innovative approaches in urban schools, or simply curious about the possibilities of cutting-edge learning in urban settings, "Urban Ed-Voyage" is your gateway to understanding the phenomenon of innovative education. Join us on this enriching journey, and let your imagination be drawn to the extraordinary possibilities of modern learning in urban environments.


    Tune In and Set Sail on an Urban Ed-Voyage!

    Host: Dr. Keith Abrahams

    Executive Producer/Music/Editing: Hector Verduzco

Episode 4: Empowering Educators: Embracing SEL for Student Success

  • Episode notes

    In this episode of Urban Ed Voyage, delve into the transformative potential of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in urban education. Joined by Dr. Justin Lauer, Director of Middle School Instruction at LAUSD, the conversation explores the importance of SEL in guiding students' social, emotional, and behavioral development, particularly in underserved urban communities.

    Discover how SEL initiatives contribute to positive school climates, improved academic performance, and increased student engagement. Gain insights into the challenges of integrating SEL into the curriculum and strategies for supporting teacher well-being. Join us on a journey to understand how SEL can nurture positive school cultures and promote academic and emotional well-being in students.

Episode 3: Empathy in Education: Building Compassionate Communities

  • Episode notes

    In this enlightening episode, Dr. Keith Abrahams sits down with Joey Porter, the esteemed Magnet Coordinator of Armstrong MS VAPA & SAGE Magnets. Mr. Porter offers an in-depth exploration of how his magnets model empathy in education and build compassionate communities.

    Mr. Porter discusses key strategies like fostering intentionality, addressing implicit bias, and encouraging student participation. He also acknowledges challenges like unconscious biases, lack of awareness, and competing priorities. Ultimately, the episode emphasizes that building inclusivity is an ongoing effort requiring collaboration and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Episode 2: Constructivism: Learning Through Collaboration & Dynamic Interactions

  • Episode notes

    In this enlightening episode, Dr. Keith Abrahams sits down with Antoinette Cass, the esteemed Principal of Open Charter Magnet School in Los Angeles. Principal Cass offers an in-depth exploration of the constructivist approach to education that her school champions. This method prioritizes student-centered learning, with educators serving as facilitators who nurture children's existing knowledge and interests.

    She delves into how Open Charter Magnet School implements constructivism through project-based learning, fostering student leadership, encouraging collaboration, and providing differentiated, culturally responsive lessons in multi-age classrooms. Emphasizing the significance of hands-on learning, the school integrates real-world applications into its curriculum, making field trips and practical experiences key components of their educational strategy.

Episode 1: Promoting School Culture

  • Episode notes

    The podcast features Dr. Keith Abrahams interviewing Gabriel Duran, Principal of Maywood Center for Enriched Studies. Duran shares his journey from working in parks and recreation to becoming a principal. He emphasizes the importance of creating a positive school culture, detailing the challenges of selecting staff and fostering a supportive environment. Duran discusses the school's unique approach to discipline, replacing a dean with additional counselors to focus on student guidance rather than punishment.

    Duran highlights the school’s innovative practices, such as encouraging student-led clubs and leveraging social media for student engagement. He also talks about the challenges of balancing administrative duties with classroom involvement and the importance of maintaining a strong mission and vision.