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  • GATE Identification Process   

    Identification is accomplished through a referral, screening, and assessment process consisting of the following components:

    Search and Referral 

    A referral for identification can be made by a teacher, parent/family member, member of the community, peer, or a student may self-nominate. Interested persons should contact the student's school of attendance and meet with the school site GATE coordinator to initiate the process. 

    Students Eligible for Gifted/Talented Identification Referral:

    • Students who are enrolled in Los Angeles Unified School District schools
    • Students who are enrolled in an independent charter school authorized by LAUSD


    Charter School Fee-for Service Information

    • Affiliated and authorized charter schools may request evaluations for identification of students through the Fee-for-Service process
    • Interested charter schools are to contact the Charter Schools Division for information regarding Fee-for-Service process
    • The Fee-for-Service form must be signed by the administrator before a referral can be submitted for students to be assessed

    Students Ineligible for Referral for Gifted Identification:

    • Students enrolled in private schools
    • Students enrolled in independent charter schools are either outside of LAUSD boundaries or not authorized by LAUSD.
    • Students enrolled in home school programs not affiliated with the City of Angels, an independent study school for LAUSD.


    The referral must be screened and the recommendation to continue the identification process must be made by school certificated personnel. Recommendations must be supported by school records. The Local School GATE Screening Committee collects data from existing sources, such as the cumulative record, standardized test scores and progress report cards. The screening process and recommendation must be documented prior to obtaining the required parent consent.

    Parent Consent

    A parent consent for assessment must be obtained in order for the student to participate in the assessment process.


    District Assessment

    Designated District staff assess or review assessment materials and determine the eligibility of students.