• Equitable Grading and Instruction
  • Professional Development

  • The Equitable Grading and Instruction (EGI) team offers a variety of professional development opportunities to support educators in implementing equitable grading and instruction practices in their classroom.

    Earning EGI certification is the first step on the path to developing your understanding of equitable grading and instruction. To earn EGI certification, educators complete the EGI PD Series, which consists of six, two-hour face-to-face workshops and eight hours of asynchronous learning. The asynchronous learning is designed to support and enrich educators’ understanding of the ideas presented during the live sessions. 

    Once certified, educators can participate in additional opportunities to deepen their understanding and implementation of EGI practices, such as implementation support sessions, unConferences, and the EGI Micro-Credential. We encourage you to explore the different professional development opportunities available below.