STEED Evacuation Chairs

  • The STEED Evac Chairs are categorically funded by the District and are required to be labeled and inventoried as school equipment. If your school has a Title 1 Coordinator, they should already be familiar with completing the labels and spreadsheet. Questions about the categorical equipment requirements may be directed to

    Delivery Note: Delivery dates below are estimated and some schools might not get them until the 2023-2024 school year. If you have not received it yet, you can put "TBD" under serial number.

    Label: Fill in (using a fine point permanent marker) the below three blank items on the equipment label as shown in the example.The label was shipped with the chair in the envelope on the folded seat of the chair with this letter.

    • School
    • Delivery Date
    • Serial Number (generally found on the lower inside edge of the tread framing on the Evac Chair)

    Place the completed label on the tread framing of your Evac Chair.