• About Tutoring

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    LAUSD is committed to providing targeted high-impact intervention and instructional programs to accelerate learning - such as summer school and tutoring - for students most in need, including English Learners, students with disabilities, students in foster care, students experiencing homelessness, and other historically underserved groups.

    All students in grades K-12 have NO COST access to on-demand tutoring help before or after school. All elementary and K-8 span schools have Paper.co. All secondary, K-12 and 6/8-12 span, options, and virtual academies have Tutor.com. 

    LA Unified offers its students On-Demand and High Dose tutoring opportunities.  These programs are designed to be flexible tutoring options that best address your student's needs. These opportunities include both in-person and virtual-tutoring sessions that work around your student's schedule and their pace. High dose, in-person tutoring services are designed for small, stable cohorts of students to build upon teaching that occurs during the day and increase the duration, frequency, and intensity of instruction. Focused tutoring supplements classroom instruction for students, particularly students with disabilities, English Learners, foster youth, homeless youth, and those who are having difficulty accessing instruction and/or learning remotely. Tutoring sessions focus on English Language Arts, English Language Development and Mathematics. High dose, virtual-tutoring support sessions are supported by certificated teachers from across the nation to run small group tutoring (4 students).