• About Us

    Welcome to the Office of the Chief Strategy Officer. We are committed to providing school-based users (teachers, counselors, and administrators) with the requisite tools and skills to leverage data for the purpose of improving school systems and students' outcomes. 

    Whole Child Integrated Data, or Whole Child, is a major District initiative designed to support school implementation of the LAUSD Strategic Plan’s mandate to apply comprehensive data -driven decision-making for the purpose of increasing student outcomes and achieving District Board goals. To this end, Whole Child has developed a series of data analytic dashboards uniquely designed for school-based users to apply continuous, incoming data to monitor student progress, personalize instruction, and identify effective practices. Although Whole Child data dashboards are tailored to specific roles, they are highly compatible to promote data collaboration, strengthen school support systems (e.g. SSPT meetings) and improve data coherence. 

An Introduction to Whole Child Integrated Data


    Our Whole Child team brings a wide spectrum of experience and expertise in applying Data Driven Decision Making towards school improvement. We aim to build capacity and resources that support schools and school-based users in using Whole Child data dashboards to gain insights into student learning, identify school priorities and pinpoint effective practices that promote school and student success.


     Dr. Mark Raia, Director       email Mark Raia