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  • The Within District Research Requests are to be used by LAUSD departments, divisions, or program leads to request a research study or evaluation.


    All external research entities requesting to do research with the District, including employees who are requesting to do research as university students, please visit the Committee for External Research Review (CERR) webpage.


    LAUSD personnel can submit research requests to the Strategic Data & Evaluation (SD&E) Branch using a similar process to Committee of External Research Requests (CERR) for external researchers. Within District requests can be submitted by Departments/Division within the District, the Superintendent, School Board, and Research Practice Partnerships (RPP). Dr. Kathy Hayes receives these requests, reviews them, and consults with and may develop a scope of work for the District and vendors. 

    Please review the following checklist for the online research request form as these items are required for completing the form. We strongly recommend you complete the research request form’s sections in this Microsoft Word document (below), save it, and then copy and paste the text into the online proposal form’s sections. 

    Do not save your submission unless all required fields are completed. You are unable to save information to edit later. We recommend that you copy and paste information into the required fields to ensure all information is saved. 

    You will receive a confirmation email with a proposal identification number once your proposal is submitted.

    Submit Statement of Agreement for Internal Research: Please attach a statement of agreement signed by your Chief as a PDF file. This statement establishes that your research project has been presented and supported by the Chief of your respective department or division and is required for all internal research projects. The statement of agreement may be printed, signed, and scanned, or electronically signed. 


    Click on the "Within District Research Submission" button below to go to the online submission form. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.