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    Alternate Assessment Students with Disabilities

    Annual Alternate Assessment of the English Language Proficiency Levels of Students with Disabilities on the Alternate Curriculum
    K - 12 4/9/18


    REF-139909.1 2023-2024 State and National Mandated Testing Calendars K-12 11/20/23


    MEM-051137.1 Elementary Literacy Assessments: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills, Indicadores Dinámicos del Exito en la Lectura, Text Reading Comprehension (DIBELS Next/IDEL/TRC)  Elementary 8/7/19


    REF-6554.5 2022-23 Opening Day Procedures:  Supplemental Guide and Updates ALL 8/15/22
    Biliteracy Awards (Elementary/Middle School)


    Guidelines for Issuing of the LAUSD Biliteracy Pathway Awards
    K, 1, 5/6 & 8 10/25/21
    Biliteracy Awards
    Guidelines for Implementation of the LAUSD Biliteracy Awards and the CDE State Seal of Biliteracy
    12th Grade 2/18/22 
    Budget Handbook
    Program and Budget Handbook K - 12 3/29/19
    Classroom Organization Elementary Master Plan Program Class Organization, Instructional Services and Staffing for English Learners and Standard English Learners TK-5/6 4/26/19

    Certify Data Tool Policy and Procedures

    REF-6885.6 Policy guidelines related to the use of the Certify data tool to ensure student data is up-to-date, accurate and complete for reporting to CALPADS All
    Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy PK-12 Professional Development Module BUL-6870.0
    Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy PK-12 Professional Development Module
    K - 12 10/3/17
    Culture, Language, and Methodology Requirements BUL-042978.0
    Culture, Language and Methodology Requirements for Certificated Administrators
    K - 12 11/8/17
    CUM Handbook - ELEMENTARY Elementary
    Cumulative Record Handbook for Elementary Schools
    Elementary 8/2018
    CUM Handbook - SECONDARY Secondary
    Cumulative Record Handbook for Secondary Schools
    6 - 12 2017
    Dual Language Programs REF-3451.2 Dual Language Education Programs Implementation Guidelines K-5/6 K-5/6 7/1/2019
    Dual Language Programs MEM-6425.8

    Establishing a School Leadership-Initiated Elementary
    Dual Language Education Programs 2024-2025 School Year

    TK-5/6 2/13/23
    Dual Language Programs MEM-055497.4

    Establishing a School Leadership-Initiated Secondary Dual Language Education Program (6-12) for the 2024-2025 School Year

    6-12  2/13/23
    ELD Instructional Minutes REF-5951.1
    Instructional Minutes for English Learners in English Language Development and English Language Arts in Elementary Schools
    K - 5/6 12/19/16

    ELAC & SSC Guidelines 

    BUL- 6745.6
    Guidelines for the Required School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Committee
    ALL 8/28/2023


    2023-24 Calibration Training Requirements for the Initial English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) and Initial Alternate ELPAC
    ALL 8/14/23


    2022-23 LAUSD Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines for English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) and California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)
    K-12 01/13/23


    REF_145315 2023-2024 California Assessments of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) Fall Requirements for Principals, Coordinators, Test Administrators, Test Examiners, and Proctors  ALL 09/11/23
    EL Kindergarten Orientation Guidelines 
    K 9/19/19
    Enrollment REF-5259.1
    Use of New Student Enrollment Form


    Fall Census


    Fall Census for Elementary and Secondary Schools
    ALL 9/11/23


    Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2024-2027
    Secondary 8/14/23
    Granting Credit / Validation BUL-2533.2
    Procedures for Granting Equivalency and Achievement Marks for Language Other than English (LOTE) for the Graduating Classes of 2017 and Beyond
    9-12 10/4/17


    IEP Guidelines for Documenting English Language Development (ELD) Instruction for Students with Disabilities
    Secondary 10/25/13
    Notification Requirements BUL-112909
    Notification Requirements for Parents of English Learners (ETK-12)
    ETK - 12 2/14/22
    LOTE Equivalency Exam BUL-4723.4
    The LAUSD Language Other than English (LOTE) Equivalency Examination in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Korean
    8-12 2/21/2017
    Locally Designed and Funded Intervention Programs for Grades K-8 REF-6570.5
    Locally Designed and Funded Intervention Programs for Grades K-8
    K-8 9/13/21
    Master Plan Folder BUL-3448.4
    Master Plan Documentation for English Learners, K-12
    ETK - 12 06/05/23
    Master Plan Institute


    2023-2024 Master Plan Instructional Institute
    ETK – 12



    Master Plan Salary Differentials


    Master Plan Salary Differentials and Incentive Stipends
    Master Plan Waiver


    Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting an English Learner Master Plan Waiver, TK-12
    TK-12 5/9/2016
    Migrant Education Program for Elementary and Secondary Schools REF-041180.1
    Migrant Education Program for Elementary and Secondary Schools
    K-12 10/2/18
    Monitoring EL Progress


    Monitoring English Learners' Academic Progress, ETK-12
    ETK-12 10/24/22
    Monitoring RFEP


    Monitoring the Academic Progress of Reclassified to
    Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) Students, K-12
    ALL 8/30/21
    Multi-Tiered System (MTSS)
    REF-43782 Implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports ALL 6/1/18
    Multi-Tiered System (MTSS) of Behavior Support for Students with Disabilities 
    Multi-Tiered System (MTSS) of Behavior Support for Students with Disabilities
    ALL 3/6/17
    MEM-5818.11 Nondiscrimination Required Notices and Ordering of Student Brochures ALL 8/28/23
    Online Accountability Systems (OLAS)
    REF-061300 English Learner Online Accountability System (OLAS) ALL 12/9/18
    Online Accountability Systems (OLAS)
    MEM-6128.12 Administrator Certification Online System 2019-2020 for School Sites and Offices ALL 7/31/23
    Principal’s Portal Certification REF-6749.5

    Principal’s Portal Verification for Parent and Family Mandates

    All 8/29/22
    Professional Development
    School-Site Professional Development Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays for Elementary Schools 2023-2024
    Elementary 6/26/23
    Professional Development
    School-Site Professional Development Priorities and Banked Time Tuesdays for Middle and High Schools 2023-2024
    Secondary 6/26/23
    Progress Report BUL-2332.7
    Elementary School Progress Report Marking Practices and Procedures
    TK-6 9/16/18

    Progress Report

    Dates for Required Progress Reports in Elementary Schools 2020-2021
    Elementary 8/17/20

    Progress Report


    Dates for Required Reports of Marks in Secondary Schools 2023-2024

    Secondary 6/27/23

    Proposition 58


    Proposition 58 Implementation Guidelines

    All 9/10/18

    Pupil Records


    Pupil Records: Access, Confidentiality, and Notice of Educational Rights

     ALL 3/6/19
    Qualifications/ Responsibilities of EL Staff REF-5081.2
    Qualifications and Responsibilities for School-Based English Learner Staff
    K - 12 3/7/16
    Reclassification BUL-5619.12
    Reclassification of English Learners, Grades K-12 
    TK - 12 10/23/23
    Reclassification of ELs with Disabilities BUL-6890.5

    Reclassification Procedures for ELs with Disabilities

    All 1/29/24
    School Experience Survey 
    REF - 5714.11 School Experience Survey  K-12 10/19/22
    School Report Card 
    REF - 5373.6 School Report Card K-12  12/5/16 
    Smarter Balance 
    REF-043786.2 LAUSD Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines for Smarter Balanced Assessments  4-12  2/3/20
    Student Support and Progress Team BUL-6730.1
    A Multi-Tiered System of Support Framework for the Student Support and Progress Team
    All 7/13/17
    Student with Disabilities-English Learner Students Document   3/15/20
    Title III Immigrant Education REF-062703.1
    Title III Immigrant Education Program Identification Procedures for Eligible Students
    All 1/30/19
    Testing Center MEM-145314.0
    Testing Center Assignments
    K-12 9/11/23
    Testing Calendar REF-139909

    2023-24 State and National Mandated Testing Calendars

    K - 12 5/22/23

    Title VI Tribal Consultation


    Title VI American Indian Tribal ConsultationRequirements and Procedures

    TK - 12 4/24/23

    Title VI Parent Committee


    Title VI American Indian Education Program: Student Identification and the American Indian
    Parent Committee (AIPC)

    TK - 12 4/24/23
    Transfer Data Information REF-6646.3
    2018-2019 Next Year for all Students
    K - 5/6 3/23/18
    Unified Enrollment MEM-050115.3 Unified Enrollment School Search Tool: Opportunity to Update School Profile All 8/20/20
    Uniform Complaint Procedures BUL-5159.12
    Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)
    All 8/28/23
    UTK-12 Emergent Bilingual Instruction  
    UTK-12 Placement of Emergent Bilinguals for Instructional Services
    ALL 08/28/23