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  • In December 2016, the Board approved the Partners for Student Success resolution to develop a Partners Matching Fund (PMF). Partner Matching Fund resources are intended to expand partnerships with community organizations that provide direct services to students and families. Targeted Student Population (TSP) Resources are specifically set aside to provide services that support academic and social emotional needs for English learners, foster youth, and/or or low-income students. In order to facilitate the expenditure of the PMF, a list of selected vendors was created using the Request for Proposal process, wherein all selected vendors submitted proposals that were reviewed and evaluated by District staff and approved by the Board of Education. 


    All TK-12 schools with any ranking in the School Equity Needs Index 2.0 that are interested in receiving Partner Matching Funds (PMF) will submit the below application to their local district designees for review and approval. Only vendors and services approved by the Board qualify for the PMF. You can view the approved vendors on the PFSS Handbook or visit this link for an updated list: . Please note that new vendors have been added and will be updated on the procurement website.

    • Schools with 500 or fewer students qualify for a 2:1 matching fund ratio based on 2022-23 E-Cast Projections; PMF contribution cap = $62,500
    • Schools with 501 or more students qualify for a 1:1 matching fund ratio based on 2022-23 E-Cast Projections; PMF contribution cap = $45,000



  • Steps You Can Take to Participate in the Program

    1. Review the vendor’s program elements and fee schedule on the District’s Procurement website:
    2. Once you have looked at their contract/fee schedule, contact the vendor. 
    3. Complete the PFSS application and the Work Order form. 
    4. Submit your completed PFSS application and work order to your Local District Administrator of Instruction for approval
    5. Once your application is approved, work with your Local District Fiscal Services Manager to have the PFSS funds transferred to your school’s budget under program code 10869 and if needed assist with identifying your school’s portion of the funding.
    6. After the money is transferred and the school’s funding is identified, your SAA can create the shopping cart/purchase order in SAP and attach the Work Order (for help w/ creating the purchase order, your SAA can reach out to your Local District Buyer if needed).

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