Disposal of Categorical Equipment

  •  Obsolete/Broken Equipment:

    • Label your equipment as salvaged on the CEI (Attachment B) by using the "Date of Disposal" and "Reason for Disposal" columns in Secion III.
    • Computing Devices*: Follow IT Asset Management salvage instructions for Computing Devices, labeled "Section 10- Update Device for Salvage".
    • Non-Computing**: Transfer the items to the "Surplus Property & Recycling Annex" in Remedy and complete a Truck Operations request to have non-computing equipment picked up from their school.

    Stolen/Missing Equipment:

    • Contact School Police and check if this qualifies for a police report. If so, label your equipment as stolen on the CEI (Attachment B) by using the "Date of Disposal", "Reason for Disposal" and "Safeguard Number" columns in Secion III. Include the police report number under "Reason of Disposal".
    • Submit a LAUSD Helpdesk ticket by clicking here. You might be asked to log in with your SSO. Then you will navigate directly to the LAUSD Helpdesk form titled "Report Lost or Stolen Device". Once you complete the form, it will generate a REQ or INC number that you should keep. Refer to Section 7-Report Lost or Stolen Device guide if you have any questions or contact ITS for assistance in completing the form.
    • If School Police did not provide a police report number, then you can use an iStar report number or the REQ/INC number that was provided to you when completing the Helpdesk ticket.

    Transfer of Equipment:

    • ESSER Teacher Refresh Program (District Funded): Per the Teacher Refresh Project School FAQ, this device travels with teachers between schools and should be returned when they separate from the District. Pre-Authorization is granted to transfer this equipment by the COVID Fiscal Unit. Complete an ESSER Funded Device Refresh Project Transfer Form when this equipment transfers to a new school. Type "Teacher transferred to another school" under Disposition/Comments on your CEI. Keep the laptop on the CEI for one year before removing it. Receiving schools should add the items to the CEI. Submit the form ESSERhelp@lausd.net  and "Cc" fsep@lausd.net in the same email.
    • ESSER School Funded Equipment: Contact the COVID Fiscal Unit office or FSEP for guidance and approval of transferring any school funded ESSER equipment.
    • Title I Funded Devices: Contact FSEP for guidance and approval of transferring any Title I Funded equipment.

    *Computing Devices: Laptops, Desktops, Chromebooks, Tablets, Monitors;

    **Non-Computing Devices: All other equipment

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