Title I (& ESSER) Equipment Purchases

  • To generate a list of Title I, ESSER & CSI funded equipment, type the school's 4 digit location code below and press submit. This will display a list of Purchase Orders (POs) with all the equipment that was purchased through 7S046, 70S46, 7E046, 7577U, 7T691, 15649, 15659, 15583 and 16181. If no equipment was purchased, you will receive a message that says "There are no records to display".

    This tool is intended to assist schools in completing their Categorical Equipment Inventory (CEI), and might not be completely accurate depending on paybacks, journal vouchers, technical corrections, etc.. Please refer to your school's documentation as the final determination of the equipment and its funding. This list is updated periodically. Please check back frequently for new information.

    Reminder: When adding equipment to the CEI, the unit cost should include ancillary costs. Examples of ancillary costs that do not need to be inventoried separately, but the cost must be added towards equipment pricing: Taxes*, Ewaste, Delivery, Cables, Integration, Delivery, Setup, Warranty, Non-Taxable Services, Shipping, Labor, Licenses etc..

    ESSER Note: Your school might have received ESSER funded equipment that will not appear under your school’s location code. Please remember to add this ESSER funded equipment to your Categorical Equipment Inventory (CEI).

    *Taxes are not reflected in the purchase orders below.

2023-2024 Equipment Purchases (as of March 21, 2024)

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