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    Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department
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  • Vision Statement


    Our vision is to cultivate multilingualism by affirming cultural assets and celebrating diversity through effective teaching and learning as a means for every student in LAUSD to become successful and prepared for career and post-secondary education in the 21st century.

Lydia Acosta Stephens, Executive Director

Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department

I am honored to lead our department, serving over 200,000 students, each with individual needs and unique pathways to academic success. We understand that our students require enriched language supports in every learning environment, and realize the urgency to ensure a relevant and rigorous educational program is accessible to all. Our educational programs for students are tailored to meet the individual learning needs of our diverse English learners and all language learners on their pathway to bilingualism and biliteracy. Our educational programs reflect updated research, practice, monitoring, and resources on instructional delivery models. Programs such as Dual Language Education and World Languages are open to all. We continue to work together towards bilingualism and biliteracy for all by ensuring equity, access and opportunities for all students regardless of the learning environment. At MMED, we fundamentally believe that we must all “be the light, be of service and be the solution”.

Dr. Jose Posada, Administrator, English Learner Services

Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department

Welcome to the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department (MMED). Our focus will be the implementation of the 2018 Master Plan for Englisih Learners and Standard English Learners with fidelity at all schools so that student achievement is realized. MMED is comprised of the following offices:

1) Dual Language / Bilingual Programs Office

2) English Learner Programs / Compliance

3) English Learner Instruction Secondary and Elementary

4) World Languages and Cultures

Our team of committed and dedicated educators is ready to serve and support schools at all levels. We look forward to providing effective program options, instructional services, and monitoring tools that are based on student outcomes.

  • MMED/AEA-AEMP/Title VI Staff Directory





    Lydia Acosta Stephens

    Executive Director

    Jose Posada

    Administrator, MMED

    Elizabeth Pratt

    Administrator, AEA 

    Norma España 

    Dual Language / Bilingual Programs Director 

    Franz Foldvary

    Administrative Assistant 

    Jazmin Soto


    Gabriela Ruiz

    Senior Office Technician

    Angela Sandoval

    Data Coordinator

    Baher Gamil

    Instructional Technology Specialist

    English Learner Programs/Compliance

    Rafael Escamilla


    Laura Villalobos


    Elizabeth Shnorhokian


    Ana Montenegro


    Karmin Mendoza


    Elementary English Learner Instruction

    Carla Gutierrez


    Cynthia Ramirez


    Hilda Yudess


    Christopher Mason


    Isabel Aguirre


    Secondary English Learner Instruction

    Youssef Mossadaq


    Bernie Carrasco


    World Languages and Cultures

    Eva Arrechiga


    Dual Language/Bilingual Programs Office

    Roxanna Sosa

    Dual Language Coordinator

    Diana Sanchez

    Dual Language Specialist

    Blanca Valle-Alvarado

    Dual Language Specialist

    Kennis Wong-Chan

    Dual Language Specialist (Mandarin)

    Elise Kim

    Dual Language Specialist (Korean)

    Ana Ramos

    Dual Language Expert

    Youngmi Park

    Community Representative


    Local District English Learner Coordinator Staff Directory


    Local District Central

    Agustin Gonzalez  

    Director, Dual Language Programs and English Learners

    Sonia Flores

    Secondary English Learner Coordinator

    Juana Anguiano

    Elementary English Learner Coordinator

    Local District East

    Ana M. Guzman

    Access and Acceleration Director

    Pamela Enriquez

    SEL LD Coordinator

    Kirstin Summers

    English Learner Programs/Compliance Coordinator

    Luz Baltazar

    K-12 Dual Language Coordinator

    Local District Northeast

    Ann Argo

    Elementary English Learner Coordinator

    Cynthia Diaz

    English Learner Programs/Compliance

    Local District Northwest

    Nada Shaath

    Dual and World Languages Coordinator

    Rocio Saldana

    English Learner Programs & Compliance

    Pedro (Manny) Barajas

    TK - 12 English Learner Instruction

    Theresa Burnett

    SEL LD Coordinator

    Local District South

    Claudia Ulloa

    TK  12 English Learner Instruction Coordinator

    Jane Lee

    Dual Language/English Learner Coordinator TK-12

    Local District West

    Alana Cortes

    Elementary English Learner Coordinator

    Erika Argueta

    Secondary English Learner Coordinator

    Alfredo Ortiz

    Dual Language Programs Director

    Andrea Goring

    SEL LD Coordinator

    Virtual Academies

    Claudia Ramirez

    Administrative Coordinator