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  • For an informational video on the Pathway to Biliteracy and Seal of Biliteracy Awards click below.

     English Video




    Spanish Video (Español)

       spanish ssb

  • It is important that all schools complete the Pathway to Biliteracy Designee form so that MMED knows who to contact with regards to information for the Pathway to Biliteracy.  Please be sure to complete the form by click on the link below.

    Elementary and Middle School Pathway to Biliteracy Designee form:  link


    Pathway to Biliteracy Awards Resources

    L.A. Unified Pathway to Biliteracy awards honor students who, by the end of 5th/6th and/or 8th grade, have demonstrated a commitment to the path of becoming biliterate and who have reached a certain degree of proficiency in both English, based on the English Language Arts California Common Core Standards, and a language other than English (LOTE) based on the 2019 World Languages Standards for California Public Schools. 

    POLICY: REF-062900.4 Guidelines for Issuing of LAUSD UTK - 8 Biliteracy Pathway Awards for 2022-2023