• District & School Staff

  • The LCAP is a district-wide effort, and we are proud to partner with our amazing staff at school sites and Local Districts in our ongoing engagement. See below for LCAP resources for District and School staff.

  • SENI Resources for Principals

    For principals: to explore the resources and guidance for SENI funds in 2022-23, see here for the TSP Digital Notebook: https://tinyurl.com/2023-24-TSP-Digital-Notebook.

    • This resource includes links to the SENI Menu, the TSP Evaluation Rubric, and the TSP Training Video from the Budget Development meetings. 


    NEW School Staffing Equity Grant for 2022-23

    In July 2021, California Education Code Section 42238.02 was amended to allocate additional dollars to school districts based on their concentration of students who are low-income, English Learners, and/or in foster care. These new ongoing funds are designated to be spent on staff providing direct services to students at schools with an unduplicated count (English learner, low income, and foster youth) that is greater than 55% of its total enrollment.

    Starting in 2022-23, in order to reduce equity gaps and support staffing structures that are responsive to local needs at our highest-need schools, Los Angeles Unified will use these funds to create a School Staffing Equity Grant. Through this Grant, every eligible school site will receive funding to purchase at least one full-time position from the following short-list developed through the engagement survey (and revised annually with ongoing engagement): 

    • Class size reduction teachers,
    • Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs),
    • Academic and college counseling staff,
    • Arts teachers, and
    • Paraprofessionals (instructional aides, education aides, teacher assistants). 

    At the end of each year, unused grant funds will be centralized and re-allocated in the following year’s Grant based on schools’ eligibility.

    For more information, please refer to this slide deck: https://tinyurl.com/School-Staffing-Equity-Grant  

  • LCAP 101 Training Deck