• Equitable Grading and Instruction
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    Equitable Grading and Instruction (Formerly Mastery Learning and Grading) is a growth-mindset approach to K-12 teaching and learning, based on the expectation that everyone can learn when provided with the right conditions and support. It offers all students and teachers an alternative to traditional instruction and grading. By refocusing classroom grading, assessment, instruction, and lesson planning on clear learning targets, and by implementing research-based systems honoring individual variation in learning styles, Equitable Grading and Instruction allows more students to succeed academically and ultimately to take charge of their own learning.

    Our work centers on three key areas to promote equitable grading and instruction. We offer professional development workshops throughout the year to increase the number of EGI-certified educators in LAUSD. We facilitate implementation support sessions and bi-annual unConferences to encourage collaboration and offer ongoing support. We also focus on building teacher leaders through the EGI Champions initiative for secondary schools and the new EGI Micro-Credential, enhancing capacity and fostering sustainability. Our goal is to create an inclusive and empowering learning environment for all students.