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  • GATE Online Workshops for Parents and Families 

    Gifted/Talented Programs is pleased to offer online parent workshops. We have posted our most requested workshops. Given below is a brief description of each workshop. Click on the title to view the workshop.


    You Tube Video

    GATE 101: Frequently Asked Questions

    This presentation is a recording of an online webinar that addresses the most frequently asked questions by parents. This presentation is perfect for parents whose children have recently been identified as gifted or talented.

    GATE 101 Slides


    VideoGifted Identification and Program Options

    This workshop provides an overview of gifted learners, the seven categories of identification in L.A. Unified and program options for students once identified. In addition, it provides ways parents can support their gifted children.

    VideoA Parent Guide to Schools for Advanced Studies

    This workshop will provide a deeper understanding of Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS), including criteria for enrollment. Also addressed are the differences between Schools for Advanced Studies and Gifted Magnets.


    You Tube Video Arts Identification and Programming

    This workshop reviews how a student becomes identified as talented in the arts in L.A. Unified. It focuses on the Gifted/Talented Programs Conservatory of Fine Arts as a program option and addresses other options for talented learners, including local resources for artistic development.


    VideoBe Proactive: Advocating for Your Gifted Child

    This workshop presents an overview of the District's Gifted/Talented Programs; the why and how to advocate for your child; and helpful parent resources.


    VideoTwice-Exceptional Students: Unique Gifted Learners

    This workshop reviews general gifted characteristics and then highlights the characteristics of twice-exceptional learners. It also looks at the importance of self-regulation and how you as a parent can support your child.


    VideoParenting Strategies for Raising a Healthy, Happy Gifted Child

    This workshop will review some characteristics of gifted children and how those characteristics look at home with different "profiles" of gifted children. Some common parenting problems and solutions for gifted children will be addressed.