Instructional Technology Initiative
District Artifacts

 The following District policies and Board resolutions inform and guide the work of the Instructional Technology Initiative.

Board Resolutions

  • [Res-039-17/18] Empowering Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s Increasingly Digital World through Access and Equity of Digital Tools and Resources
  • [Res-075-13/14] Preparing Students and Employees for Social Transformations in the Digital Age

Board Informative


Interoffice Correspondences (IOC)


  • [BUL-999.15] Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for District Computer and Network Systems
  • [BUL 5688.2] Social Media Policy for Employees and Associated Persons
  • [BUL 6399.2] Social Media Policy for Students
  • [REF-060700] Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan (UDIPP)
  • [BUL-6633] App And Website User Agreements
  • [BUL-5509.3] Restitution Procedures for the Loss or Damage of School Property for Students

Media Release Forms

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