Instructional Technology Initiative
  • Digital Resources for Teachers

  • When using or promoting digital resources keep in mind LAUSD has a process in place to make sure the resources function within the LAUSD firewalls, and protects student privacy. See UDIPP Approved Vendors for those resources that are already approved.

    The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has established a Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan (UDIPP). This Plan ensures companies offering various digital instructional software, licenses, or online subscriptions meet District requirements. The UDIPP contains four (4) sections: Educational; Information Security and Single Sign-On (SSO); Student Data
 Privacy; and Learning Management System. All instructional applications requiring the use of student data (including data used for signing into the application) and individual logins by students and staff, must have an approved UDIPP on file with the District in order to be used in LAUSD schools and classrooms.