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The District's IT Asset Management System is REMEDY and all schools are required to use it for device inventory management. Use this page to ADD, Request Salvage Pick up, Send damaged devices and other distributed technology.  Click on the link to view the many services Asset Management provides.


Join the ITAM training support through SCHOOLOGY and join the group using the access code 7378-SBS8-VTG4M. 

ITAM Team email support:

CENTRAL | Leah Reyes  |
EAST |   Jeremy Agrusa    |
NORTHEAST  Diana Gutierrez   |
NORTHWEST |  Ryan Sani  |
SOUTH |   Leah Reyes    |
WEST  Jonathan Lopez  |


ITD Liaisons and Local District IT Liaisons

ITD Liaisons are located at each Local District Office. They serve as the point person for Local District IT issue resolution and facilitate concerns through the IT Customer Services organization. The ITD Liaisons are available to work with principals and administrators to aid in the development and optimization of the schools’ technology plans.

MDM Team
MDM training supplemental support through Schoology course code is SZN9P-KRB79. Search for Course, not Group.

MDM Team Direct Phone and email support:

Litt, Vladimir |  |  213-241-2844
Cornejo, Wilfredo |    |   213-241-1165
Bueno, Romeo   |  213-241-8712

To access MDM and VPP accounts, go to and follow the directions below.

Access MDM Account

 In the search box, type MDM
√  Device Type: [other] Management Console
  Request Type: MDM AirWatch Account
 Fill in the required field (*)
 Please provide details: "Please provide access to MDM console for --Name your schools."
    (include   location code if available)

 Click Submit Request


Access VPP Account

 In the search box, type VPP and request Apple VPP
 Next, complex the request details
    If you know your VPP account name and password,
    Click YES and fill out the information
    If you do not know your VPP account name and password, click NO and Describe Request
    "I need a VPP account for --Name of your schools" (include location code if available)

 Complete the required information
 Click Submit Request


Online Tech Support for CTB users


Hello Teachers.  Welcome to the CTB web support.


Click on the video below to learn how to assess your students.

 Getting Started with Assessments


If you are experiencing any glitches, freezing, missing data while using Cognitive Toybox for Schools App, please contact:


If you need assitance with your username and password, app installation, or student roster,  you can contact:


HOW ACCESS SCHOOLOGY.  Click on the video link below.


 HOW TO ENABLE EMAIL IN THE iPAD.  Click on the video link below.

Course Access Code:  HZCT-H9QF-F55D8



Instructional Technology Professional Development

Upcoming ITI professional learning sessions:

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