Online SPSA Sandbox

  • In order to enable authorized users to become more familiar with the online SPSA, a separate online SPSA “practice” platform has been created. The name of the practice platform is Online SPSA Sandbox (“SPSA Sandbox”). This online platform allows authorized LAUSD users to access a “practice” version of their schools’ online SPSA template. The benefit of this platform is that nothing entered into the SPSA Sandbox affects the school’s actual SPSA template. Authorized users may input and/or delete information and responses, upload documents, and use the SPSA Sandbox without affecting their schools’ actual online SPSA templates. 

    Note: The SPSA Sandbox reflects the most recently synced version of the school’s online SPSA template and does not update to show real-time content of a school’s actual SPSA.

  • For additional information, please contact Mohamed Tantawi at (213) 241-6990 or email to