Create Customized News Alerts

  • We all need to stay current on what's going on. The news we need may vary, however, depending on the role we play in the District, the communities we work with or our specific topics of interest.

    As technology advances, we continue striving to find ways to connect the L.A. Unified community with the news that matters most.

    We are working with our IT Division and top search engine companies to help connect you with the news stories that are important to you and relevant to your work and interests. 

    We recommend Google News Alerts, a tool that allows you to be notified whenever topics of interest are posted online.

    Here's how to get started.


    1. Go to You'll see a page that looks like this:

    2. Type in topic of interest. Our recommendations include:

      - Los Angeles Unified School District
      - LAUSD
      - L.A. Unified
      - Los Angeles Board of Education
      - Los Angeles Superintendent


    3. Click on 'Show Options' to customize your alerts further. You can choose how frequently you want to be notified and other options. We recommend setting the options as shown below.


    4. Enter your email address into the designated box and click 'Create Alert'.


    It's as easy as that! Notifications will begin to appear in your inbox after you've completed these steps.

    For further guidance, pease contact our team during normal business hours at or visit the IT help Desk