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    Any course used to grant equivalency must be from an accredited organization/institution. Instructional credit will be granted for appropriate learning experiences and special programs in accordance with District policy and California Education Code.

    For more information, please refer to:

    Please refer to the Checklist on Evaluating Non-Affiliated Organizations/Institutions for Accreditation for more assistance on evaluating for accreditation.

    Procedures for Granting Equivalency And Achievement Marks for Language Other Than English for Private School Study:

    Pursuant to Education Code section 51243, credit shall be granted to a student in grades 9-12 for LOTE instruction received in private schools that is at least the equivalent to the requirements in a world language class in a public school. The following requirements must be met to receive credit during concurrent enrollment in a LAUSD high school and a private school:

    1. IMPORTANT: The receiving principal’s approval and LAUSD counselor’s consent must be obtained prior to enrollment in an ACCREDITED private school program in order for astudent to receive LOTE credit. Student will be considered concurrently enrolled.
    2. The minimum amount of class instruction is 120 hours for 10 numerical high school credits.
    3. Maximum numerical high school credit granted shall not exceed 10 credits per grade level in grades 9-12.
    4. The student must complete the "Application and Authorization Form for Credit for a Language Other Than English (LOTE)" (BUL 2533.2, Procedures for Granting Equivalency and Achievement Marks for Language Other than English (LOTE) for the Graduating Classes of 2017 and beyong, Attachment A) and obtain the LAUSD academic counselor’s signature and then submit to the principal/headmaster of the private school the student will be attending. At the completion of the course, the student must demonstrate he/she is able to understand, speak, read, and write the LOTE at a level equivalent to the LAUSD LOTE course. A copy of the final examination or other documentation providing evidence of equivalency must be provided to the LAUSD school academic counselor/administrator for credit.
    5. Procedures for Principals/Headmasters of private schools must be followed in part II of the "Application and Authorization Form for LOTE Credit" (Attachment A).

    NOTE: Student will not be granted either numerical credit or validation for individual private instruction in LOTE.