Instructional Technology Initiative
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  • The Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) is a department within the Division of Instruction that supports all schools interested in future ready instructional  practice. The department’s main focus is in providing professional learning opportunities founded on instructional frameworks that leverage technology in purposeful, personalized ways, such as the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards. As a result of the ITI’s task force work, the ISTE Standards for Students were formally adopted by the District in June 2016, making L.A. Unified the first school district in the nation to do so. Key efforts supported by ITI include digital citizenship, computer science, and the dissemination and integration of the ISTE Standards.

    To support ITI’s key efforts, the ITI team has designed various models of professional learning opportunities that are both rigorous and robust, leveraging research-based frameworks such as the ISTE Standards and the K12 Computer Science Framework.

    To meet all learners where they are in their learning, ITI developed all professional learning sessions grounded in the ADKAR Prosci Change Management Model. For example, ITI offers individual learning sessions, such as the future ready Learning Foundations, the suite of ISTE Standards for Students sessions, and our Creative and Physical Computing offerings. Other sessions provide opportunities for learning together through a cohort-based approach, such as the Leadership Exchange or our Practitioner Schools model designed to build capacity as a school community.
    In every model of support, participants are empowered to embrace learning through a variety of entry points, all the while unpacking the ISTE Standards in meaningful ways. Our professional learning sessions are in alignment with the District’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan to advance academic excellence by prioritizing and focusing on consistent implementation of high-quality instruction to improve student outcomes.

    For all of our offerings, see our ITI Professional Learning Catalog

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