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    LAUSD Arts Elementary and Secondary Arts Programs

    If you are looking for dance, theatre, film, instrumental music, vocal music, or visual and media arts hubs of learning taught by highly qualified certificated teachers, then this will be an invaluable resource to aid your important decisions about where your child develops artistic talents. Every school in this district provides arts classes from highly qualified certificated teachers who are among the most knowledgeable, committed and dedicated teachers in the nation. These arts teachers are ready to positively transform each student’s life through the arts. LAUSD arts await YOU! Please click the link below to find out what art forms are offered at your school: 

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    The Alumni History and Hall of Fame Project

    Since its founding in 1853, the Los Angeles Unified School District has provided a quality public education to millions of students, who have gone on to shape the tapestry of their communities. The Alumni History and Hall of Fame Project is an effort to identify and recognize those students who have distinguished themselves, among millions of others, through their achievements in a chosen career field and/or the significant impacts they have had on their city, state, or nation. By compiling their biographies, we seek to preserve their legacy.

    The Coalition of High School Alumni Organizations (CHSAO) is made up of alumni representatives of high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District dedicated to engaging the interests and resources of alumni in helping current students at their schools have a more meaningful future. The CHSAO has recently undertaken supervision of the LAUSD Alumni History Project. The project was initiated by retired Chief Instructional Officer Robert Collins and his wife Sandy, a retired middle school principal, who spent more than 1000 hours compiling – for the first time – an impressive book containing the names, photos, and brief biographies of more than 1200 distinguished LAUSD Alumni. 

    Alumni/Hall of Fame LAUSD